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KOURASANIT is a beautiful, resilient, eco-friendly material designed for use on walls, floors and ceilings. It can be applied to walls on top of plaster, painted surfaces, plasterboard, cement board and more.

KOURASANIT is available in a stunning colour palette inspired by the natural world. Each collection – Volcano; Mars; Mine; Glacier; Straw; Edge; Rock and Pebble – features a choice of soft, natural hues with a unifying colour theme.

Produce a natural-looking, highly textured finish which looks stunning in contemporary and traditional settings.

KOURASANIT is an eco-friendly material made from natural coloured rock. It allows the surfaces beneath to breathe and will not crack or flake.

KOURASANIT mortars and natural paint products are widely used in homes, shops and business premises, creating a beautiful, sophisticated finish.