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KOURASANIT offers a range of breathable hydraulic mortars for floors and walls – suitable for indoor and outdoor use and for humid areas like bathrooms and wet rooms – and natural hydraulic paints for walls.

Polished mortars are a step up from ordinary cement mortars. They are available in a traditional rough finish or contemporary smooth finish, both highly durable. Natural paints are created from natural materials in a hydrated lime base to create a stunning textured finish with naturally uneven tint.

KOURASANIT comes in eight stunning collections:

  • Mars – fiery shades inspired by the Red Planet. Containing specially treated clay, baked for strength and visual impact.
  • Mine – gentle, subtle colours from deep inside the earth including dusky brown, warm grey, intense blue and soft silver.
  • Straw – golden harvest hues created from natural coloured aggregates mixed with glistening sand and flecks of straw.
  • Glacier – sparkling, icy beauty created from specially treated glass that brings a soft luminescence to treated surfaces.
  • Pebble – reminiscent of pebble beaches, with their array of subtle hues, this collection is created from natural coloured sand.
  • Edge – specifically created for swimming pools, this colour palette captures the shades of sun meeting sky or water meeting land.
  • Volcano – inspired by the smoky black and ash greys of volcanic lava, this collection brings drama and mystery to a room.
  • Rock – pebbles of different colours and sizes are combined in this stunning collection to produce a textured surface with natural sheen.